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Resurrection Parish – Our History


1958 – Expansion of the Catholic faith in Florida results in the division of the Diocese of Saint Augustine and the Archdiocese of Miami.

1958 – Resurrection Parish is established by Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley, who appoints Father James F. Gloekler as our first pastor

October 11, 1959 – The first Mass of Resurrection Parish is held in the Jacksonville University Swisher auditorium with Father Gloekler

Summer 1962 – Construction begins on the first parish building to house church and school at Justina Road. (now the Marian Building of our school)

October 11, 1962 – The cornerstone is laid by Right Reverend Monsignor James Cloonan

Autumn 1962 - School begins at Immaculate Conception School with 89 students

February 17, 1963 – Father Janes F. Gloekler celebrates the first Mass in the new church

February 18, 1963 – Resurrection School classes move from Immaculate Conception to our church and

school building on Justina Road

May 26, 1963 – Resurrection Church and School are dedicated by Archbishop Joseph P. Hurley,

May 26, 1963 – Our first Social Hall (now the Skipper Center) is completed

Fall 1968 – Our school is thriving, and portable classrooms are added

March 19, 1978 – On Palm Sunday, Bishop Paul J. Tanner officiates at the groundbreaking form our new church building

June 3, 1979 – Bishop Paul J. Tanner celebrates the dedication of our new church building

Sept 18, 1987 – The new parish center and gymnasium are completed and dedicated with Bishop John J. Snyder officiating

December 1996 – The new rectory and office building is dedicated by Bishop John Snyder

Spring 2008 – New school building is dedicated by Bishop Victor Galeone

September – December 2014 – Renovation of the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel in the main church, addition of the Memorial fountain and Resurrected Christ memorials, and interior renovation of the main church are completed

Our Pastors


Reverend James F. Gloekler Nov 1959 – Apr 1962

Reverend Matthew J. Connelly Apr 1932-Jan 1964

Reverend Joseph A. Barry Jan 1964 – Sept 1966

Reverend Monsignor Eugene C. Kohls Sept 1966 – June 1977

Reverend Monsignor James J. Heslin June 1977 – June 1985

Reverend Thomas Cody June 1985 - 2002

Reverend Monsignor Vincent J. Haut 2002- Aug 2008

Reverend Jason Trull Aug 2008- Sept 2012

Reverend Steven Zehler Sept 2012 – Jan 2015

Reverend Peter Akin-Otiko Jan 2016 - present



Associate Pastors


Reverend Edward Kirby 1961-1962

Reverend Martin Flynn 1964-1965

Reverend Daniel Cody 1966

Reverend Patrick Sheedy 1966-1967

Reverend William Stahler 1968-1969

Reverend John O’Sullivan 1972-1974

Reverend Vincent Haut 1969-1970 and 1974-1975

Reverend Terry Morgan 1976-1979

Reverend Jerry Lamb 1979

Reverend James Masterson 1979-1983

Reverend Michael Morse 1984-1986

Reverend Wayne Price 1987-1991

Reverend Daniel Shashy 1992-2000

Reverend Anthony Sebra 2000-2001

Reverend Michael Thompson 2001-2004

Reverend Daniel Devore 2004-2006

Reverend Richard Pagano 2018-