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The Prayer Blanket Ministry at Resurrection Catholic Church began couple of years ago. A prayer blanket is a lap covering or a shoulder wrap that is sewn, knitted or crocheted. Along with the blanket, there is a small bag containing a Rosary, How to Pray the Rosary pamphlet and a prayer for the sick that is given as a sign that the recipient is “in our prayers.”  The blankets are made prayerfully with the intentions of the receiver in mind. The Prayer Blanket brings comfort to the suffering, peace to the fearful and an assurance that God’s presence is in each blanket. When recipients see and touch these blankets, they know they are not alone, they are covered in prayer, and there are those who do care about them. Who can receive blankets /shawls: • Adults or children with a physical or emotional illness • Individuals preparing for surgery or recovering from an acute illness • Individuals living with a chronic condition or in treatment for a life-threatening illness • Individuals experiencing a crisis such as the loss of a loved one, loss of job, relationship crisis, etc. • High risk pregnancy, miscarriage or neonatal crisis There is no cost, or limit on who may request a blanket.  Donations of supplies, or monies for supplies are accepted. You can help in this work and/or be a part of this ministry by: 1. Requesting a blanket for a loved one 2. Making a blanket or shawl 3. Donating yarn or material 4. Donating money to be used to buy yarns/materials 5. Make rosaries to be included with the blanket 6. Committing to pray for those receiving a blanket or shawl. 

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