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The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

If you are newly engaged and looking for information on preparing to for your marriage in the Catholic Church then you have come to the right place. Resurrection Catholic Church offers a variety of opportunities to prepare for and enrich existing marriages. The following website will help outline the process of marriage preparation required by Resurrection. The following initial steps will need to be followed for all couples. Please follow the links provided for further details.

Step One
Make sure you give yourself a minimum of 8 month for the marriage preparation process (from the first meeting with the priest/deacon/lay pastoral assistant to the marriage date).

Step Two
Set up a time for your initial visit. At this initial meeting the priest/deacon/lay pastoral assistant will explain the marriage preparation process and to outline your specific “Marriage Preparation Checklist.”

* You are instructed to obtain a newly issued copy of your Baptismal record. This step should be delayed until instructed to by the priest/deacon/lay pastoral assistant as the copy of the record needs to be dated 

Our Marriage Preparation Checklist:


  1. Eight months’ time of notice and preparation​
  2. Participation in marriage instruction by a priest, deacon, or lay pastoral assistant
  3. Marriage Preparation Retreat: Engaged Encounter or an equivalent preparation specified by your priest or deacon
  4. FOCUS or Prepare/Enrich
  5. Attend Natural Family Planning training if you are in child-bearing years
  6. One meeting with a trained married couple for guidance and preparation (Provided by Resurrection Catholic Church)


  1. Baptismal certificate of each person (dated within 6 months) with notations
  2. For Catholics, a certificate of Confirmation (unless included above)
  3. Two sworn and notarized “Freedom to Marry” statements (per person) of your parents (or older relative) that you have never been married before and have no impediments to marriage. Any previous marriages must be annulled. Please submit a copy of any previous marriage license and annulments/death certificates
  4. Pre-Nuptial Questionnaire (to be completed by both parties in the office with the person preparing you for the Sacrament)
  5. Parental Permission (If either party is under the age of 19)
  6. A civil marriage license (MUST have prior to wedding—at least a week.  You receive a discount by going to Engaged Encounter)
  7. Copy of annulment decree/death certificate​
  8. Autobiographies of wedding couple (signed and dated)

For more information and to schedule your initial meeting for marriage preparation please contact Karen Theiss at 904-744-0833 to set up an appointment with Fr. Peter.